About us
What we do
Step into Voltas IT Atom…

Voltas IT is the team behind redefining innovation in the automotive industry helping drivers to maintain and improve their cars via an application and a smart diagnostic device called OBDeleven that has been on the market since 2014.

Driving towards the goal of becoming the number one in intelligent automotive diagnostics, here at Voltas IT, we are united into the Atom that represents our beliefs and our main cores: team, product, and community.

Our values

We built the culture of Voltas IT based on our values that we base our decisions in our personal and professional lives:

  • feel the #Vibe – practice a positive mindset and celebrate success
  • take #Ownership – value commitments and take responsibility
  • value #Learning – stay curious, share best practices, learn from mistakes, use our strengths
  • enjoy #Teamwork – support and inspire each other, always discuss and never leave anyone behind
  • strive for #Ambition – we think forward and demonstrate courage, challenge ourselves and others
  • play #Smart – think innovative and initiate changes, stay flexible (agile) and focused
Our team

Comprised of product development, sales and marketing as well as organisational culture and development teams, our team works hand-in-hand innovating the automotive industry.

We are constantly learning and developing our professional, as well as personal, abilities and traits through various training programs and at Voltas IT Academy.

Our passion for the automobile industry and innovations has enabled us to continue perfecting our skills and our product.

Our product

The small Bluetooth device – OBDeleven – can fully access all car systems via cloud-based automotive software. Created for daily drivers, enthusiasts, and professionals this smart vehicle assistant helps easily perform vehicle diagnostics and customizations via mobile application.

Its unlimited functionality provides us with endless opportunities to add new features daily fulfilling the requests of a passionate and curious community of car owners.

Our community

Uniting daily drivers and keen professionals all over the world, OBDeleven already reached a number of 2 Million cars, connected to the application since 2014.

Our community is our navigator. By sharing their experience, advice, and tips on various forums, social media groups, via recommendations, fan clubs, and video channels, they grow the popularity of the product allowing us to continue on our journey of claiming the highest step of the podium within our industry.

On a scale of 10, we go for 11!