Escaping The 9-5 Office Routine – Traveling and Working in Asia for Three Months
Alanta Kaminskaitė Content Specialist at Voltas IT

As a budding travel enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to explore the world. And I’m not talking about weekend getaways or laying on a beach for a week. I wanted to experience what’s it like to live and breathe the air of another country. That’s why the idea of escaping the 9-5 routine and being able to work remotely from anywhere in the world has always been appealing to me.  

But why Asia? With its rich culture, delicious food, incredible history, mesmerizing architecture, and affordable prices – it’s a great destination for...

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Unravelling T-Shaped Skills in the Workforce
Inga Durasevičė Talent Acquisition Partner at Voltas IT

The concept of T-shaped skills was originally formulated by David Guest in 1991, Tim Brown, the CEO of IDEO Design Consultancy firm, suggested seeking out individuals with T-shaped skills or a T-shaped profile can aid in constructing the most effective interdisciplinary teams within a company, resulting in a more robust, productive, and possibly innovative organization. 

T-shaped skills (also known as T-shaped persons) is a comparison used to define the abilities of individuals in workforce. The vertical line of the T symbolizes the extent of specialized skills and knowledge in a particular...

Diversity Hiring – What It Is, and Why Companies Should Include It in Their Hiring Process
Inga Durasevičė Talent Acquisition Partner at Voltas IT

Diversity in the workplace is the idea that a company’s employees should reflect the society around us. The team should be made up of different types of people with different backgrounds and experiences. Essentially, diverse hiring is the practice of eliminating subjective or unconscious bias against an applicant or group of applicants from the process.  

This type of hiring is based on the applicant’s performance and optimal fit for the position, both professionally and personally, and ensures that all applicants are given an equal opportunity. Diversity can be divided...

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On the Path of Improvement
Monika Sederevičiūtė and Rūta Tekorė HR Project Manager and HR Business Partner at Voltas IT  

Feedback is a crucial part of growth. Whether you’ve found a new hobby, or you got promoted at work, it’s important to know where we excel and where we can improve. Feedback gives us a unique insight into ourselves from others’ perspective – especially when we talk about creating a positive company culture based on mutual respect, understanding, and honest feedback.  

We wanted to review and unify our company’s existing evaluation processes and tools. Though ultimately, our primary goal was to establish a...

The Importance of Testing in Continuous Deployment
Nikolaj Tolkačiov CTO at Voltas IT

Switching to continuous deployment isn’t that difficult. The only necessary step is to deploy every successful build to production instead of the QA/test environment. But can you be sure that all successful builds will be good enough to be deployed to production? Will they cause failures and user dissatisfaction if you deliver a broken app multiple times per day?

Ensuring quality is the trickiest part of continuous deployment, which is different from continuous delivery when all successful builds are automatically deployed to production. With continuous delivery, you can deploy all successful builds to production.

Voltas IT CTO Nikolaj Tolkaciov
Choosing the right candidate: a game of chance or a calculated decision helped by a Tripod test?
Vilūnė Eidukaitė Talent Acquisition Partner at Voltas IT

When you are looking to either fill an open vacancy or grow one of your teams with additional helping hands, choosing the right candidate comes with a bunch of questions even before the process begins. How do we fit a new candidate into our existing structure? Is there a particular type of personality that would either be fit or unfit for the team? Are there any other potential risks that we would have to address beforehand? 

And these questions, in part, will and need to be answered during the interview process....

Are office snacks enough of a benefit to keeping and attracting talents today?
Monika Sederevičiūtė HR Project Manager at Voltas IT

We have all read the headlines talking about the Great Resignation, which reached its peak in mid-to-late 2021, as the global economy began to improve following the pandemic-induced downturn. Once businesses started to rehire or expand their companies, job openings were everywhere, and companies began to compete against each other to hire employees. 

Employee benefits, which were already becoming the most popular way of attracting and employing talents, now posed a question – what else can we do to remain an attractive employer? Just adding benefits is easier said than done, as...

Why feedback is not equal to feedback: how to give and receive it constructively
Rūta Tekorė HR Business Partner at Voltas IT

We can all universally agree that feedback culture is important to a company’s development, as giving and listening to the observations made by your colleagues will allow you to keep moving forward individually and as an organization. But one comment can be incomparable to another and can even be damaging to the person who received it. In the worst-case scenario, it can even negatively influence the professional relationship between two or more people, and even the whole atmosphere in the company.

So, it is important to properly give...

(Re)starting my own and my team‘s engine
Jūratė Endriukaitienė Customer Support Team Lead at Voltas IT

After the practical leadership training course a couple of weeks ago, one of the most distinct memories was following a day full of learning and analysis about leadership was that my inner engine kicked into a higher gear. I just wanted to use the knowledge I have gained throughout the three days and use the theoretical and practical information right here and right now.

But the question is how do I, as a team leader, restart my colleagues’ engines daily and when delegating tasks? After all, you can assign...

it’s okay to feel like s**t
Rytis Beresnevicius Content Creator at Voltas IT

Whatever phrase you use to describe the current state of affairs globally, the world has been going through a lot lately. We have lived through the new normal, the new reality, the uncertainty, the unfamiliarity of the situation, for the past two and a half years and it has not been a pleasant time for anybody, as society came apart, standing on two separate sides of a fault.

Information became one of the best-selling items, next to disinfectant and face masks, as empathy was very quickly thrown out the window once the fake...

So, what does Agile have to do with Chickens?
Viktoras Valiokas Scrum Master at Voltas IT

May 26, 2022, was a fairly special day for Voltas IT and myself, as we organized our first event together with the Agile Lietuva community named “Agile, Manifestos, and Chickens: exploring philosophical questions”. The event itself, while focusing on the Agile way of software development, was about exploring the philosophical questions related to it, including the uncertainty that surrounds us in our daily working and regular lives.

As we attempted to link the old as time question of why did the chicken cross the road to the principles of Agile, Kęstutis...

Remaining motivated when climbing a mountain of tasks and code
Justas Žaltauskas iOS Developer at Voltas IT

Every morning, all professionals have a few tasks waiting for them in the morning as soon as they turn on their work computers. Developers, no matter their focus area, are no exception to the rule. Their code has to be reviewed, written, tested, and then shipped to our customers for them to be able to continue using our application with new features and usability improvements.

Still, facing what seems like a mountain of tasks in the morning can be quite daunting, especially if the list keeps piling on throughout the day or the...

Using new solutions to communicate about the core identity of a company
Gerda Micikevičienė Communication Team Lead at Voltas IT

On the last Friday of April 2022, the Voltas IT team celebrated the first anniversary of the company’s identity communication project – Voltas IT Atom. This project unifies everything who we are, what we are doing daily, and where do we want to be in the future.

It was a challenge to prepare an engaging and inclusive identity project and we took it together with a team of Designers, Organizational Development, and HR representatives.

Firstly, the Atom project – the 3D animation based video – was presented to all...

A Transparent Salary Policy – A Difficult Subject or A Question of Taboo?
Monika Sederevičiūtė HR Project Manager at Voltas IT

While many companies began dabbing their toes and experimenting with remote work over the past couple of years, the pandemic was a catalyst that undoubtedly changed the rules. The balance has continued to shift between working from home and the office, a major trend globally, as workers have enjoyed working from the comfort of their own homes. Another trend that has been majorly on the rise is sustainability, in its broadest definition, including sustainable growth of businesses with a major accent on the well-being of a company’s employees.

Undoubtedly, there is...