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We create innovative, intelligent and easy-to-understand automotive solutions for daily drivers with a mission to improve their daily routines. Our vision is to develop innovative automotive technologies and reveal ultimate possibilities of the vehicle with an ambition to become #1 in automotive software industry.

OBDeleven – our first affordable and intelligent diagnostic solution for understanding and customizing the vehicle.


OBDeleven – innovative automotive diagnostic software, operating with dedicated smart Bluetooth device allows to access all car systems via smartphone or tablet.

For the enthusiast:

Any driver can interact with the vehicle and take care of it as a professional, performing diagnostics, reading and clearing faults, activating new features.

Ready-made applications allow to perform service, activate additional equipment or customize comfort functions in one click.

For the professional:

With a PRO version, software provides functionality of the professional and sophisticated diagnostic equipment for adaptations, programming, monitoring  and live vehicle parameters.

Supported vehicles:

Affordable and easy to use software can fully...