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Hackathon “Hack the car”

September 18 (Saturday) at 9 a.m., at the Magnum Business Center, we invite you to participate in Hackaton, during which we will try to fully access all control units of the the car by combining the capabilities of hardware and software.

Repeat the success story together with Voltas IT professionals who have developed an innovative car diagnostics and control system - OBDeleven. This cloud-based software operating with a smart Bluetooth device, allows you to access to all car systems via mobile application, monitor their status, program the car and easily activate new functions.

The teamThe first 4 registered teams will...

“Voltas IT” awarded for innovations

Kaunas District Municipality announced the seven most successful companies of 2020 that contributed to the country's prosperity. Voltas IT recognized as a winner in the category "For Innovations".

Each assessment is a great motivation to move forward even faster. Our work becomes even more meaningful when we are able to contribute to the welfare of our country. 2014 established in Kaunas district, in 2021 we continue our work in two divisions: Logistics Center in Kaunas District and the Central Office in the heart of Kaunas.

Despite the quarantine, the development of business in Kaunas district did not stop: in 2019...