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OBDeleven is the first Third-party diagnostic tool that allows real-time SFD unlocking.

Volkswagen AG has introduced new security changes intended to identify the users who use SFD secured functions and as a result, they restricted the functionality of devices that are not approved by the manufacturer. Voltas IT fulfilled the strict security requirements of Volkswagen AG that enabled OBDeleven to communicate directly with Volkswagen servers for unlocking control units. This provides the possibility for all OBDeleven PRO, ULTIMATE, and One-Click-Apps users to unlock the SFD protection without any additional cost – no need to purchase a GeKo account or buy...

How to communicate with the car
programmers learned in our first Hackathon

At our first Hackathon "Hack the Car" we invited programmers to learn more about the innovative automotive software. 24 IT enthusiasts gathered in the office at the Magnum Business Center (Kaunas) and tried to extract specific car information by combining hardware and software capabilities.

Five teams were assisted by mentors - Voltas IT founders, R&D, Android and iOS programmers, who helped to prepare the prepared tasks: to find out the information of control units, analyze the data, scan and change coding data, scan and clear errors and display them in the mobile app. To implement the task participants used the...