Edvardas CEO, Founder
Aivaras Head of Business Development, Founder
Martynas Head of Software Development, Founder
Tadas IT Department Executive
Dovilė HR Manager
Kristina Accountant
Software Development
Gytis Lead iOS Developer
Romas iOS Developer
Justas Android Developer
Lukas Android Developer
Karolis Android Developer
Tadas PHP Developer
Nerijus PHP Developer
Gustas PHP Developer
Sales / Marketing
Karolis Marketing Specialist
Lukas Marketing Specialist
Gerda Public Relations Specialist
Mantas Graphic Designer
Klaudijus Graphic Designer
Customer Support / Logistics
Mantas Lead Customer Support Specialist
Edvinas Customer Support Specialist
Ignas Customer Support Specialist
Lukas Logistics Specialist
Who we are
Enthusiasts and innovators

Best-performing team developing the highest quality product.

Talented software developers and electronics engineers strive for the best to improve systems and expand their capabilities on a daily basis. Motivated customer service specialists are always ready to help. Creative marketing team make sure customers get the relevant information. Thorough administration and responsible management takes care of the smooth running company and it’s employees.

Our success is measured by the value we create for our users.


We are

Starting from 3 people we have grown to 26 this year and we continue to grow. Looking for skilled and passionate people to join our wonderful team of professionals.