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Voltas IT was established in 2014 by three founders, namely the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and the Chief Technology Officer, to officially develop various intelligent automotive solutions. The device, which is one of the leading tools in the intelligent diagnostics market, has allowed the company to grow and become an internationally-renowed name.

Focused on the development of OBDeleven, Voltas IT has successfully grown throughout the years with its successful product, which has recently crossed the 2 million vehicle connections mark. Achieving multiple awards on the way, the now over-60 employee team has continued to...

Key facts
Established in 2014 OBDeleven launched in 2014 and released to customers in 2015 OBDeleven registered as a trademark in 2016 Official agreement signed with the Volkswagen Group (VAG) in 2017 Became a part of the Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) in 2018 Official agreement signed with BMW in 2019 Recognized as the fastest-growing technology company in Central Europe by Deloitte in 2019 Next-Generation OBDeleven device released in 2019, adding iOS support Recognized by the Kaunas District Municipality as one of the most successful companies in Lithuania, winning the Innovations category OBDeleven became the first third-party tool to provide SFD unlocking...
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OBDeleven is our innovative automotive diagnostic solution, designed for daily drivers and enthusiasts alike to diagnose and unlock hidden features, as well as customise their vehicles via programming and adaptations on their smartphones.

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Established by three co-founders, the foundation of Voltas IT and OBDeleven was automotive engineering. Looking to ease the amount of work when making changes to the software on cars, the current executives of the company developed their own solution. Not shortly thereafter, the device reached the public, enabling car enthusiasts across the world to not only diagnose their cars but also enjoy the customization features of the device.

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Our history

Since its establishment in 2014, everyone’s focus at Voltas IT has been the intelligent automotive diagnostic device OBDeleven. Developed for daily drivers, enthusiasts, and professionals, the tool became one of the leading names in the OBD-II device market. The company has steadily grown from three people and has now included more software developers, IT specialists, administration specialists, customer support, sales and marketing, and logistics professionals to ensure that OBDeleven continues to move forward to become the number one intelligent automotive diagnostic device globally. Official partnerships with the Volkswagen Group (VAG) and BMW means that OBDeleven has provided full functionality for...

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